Tønsberg is the tenth-largest urban zone and metropolitan area in Norway with 51 061 residents. The urban zone also include Nøtterøy. The city is located a little south of Oslo on the banks of the Oslofjord. Tønsberg is regarded as the oldest town in Norway.

The medieval town has been inhabited since 1050, and obviously had a good strategic location for trade, both westwards and to the British Isles in the Middle Ages. Perhaps the most important landmark in the town is Slottsfjellet, there you will find the ruins of a church and a fortress from the Middle Ages. Haugar Art Museum was established in 1993, and has exhibitions of Norwegian contemporary art.

The climate in Tønsberg is mild, with monthly temperatures above freezing point. Average temperature in january is 1°C (36 °F), and in july the average temperature is 17°C (64 °F). Annually precipitation is 890 mm.

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Tønsberg has about 15 Hotels / Bed & Breakfasts, you can find a list here.

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Tourist Office, Tollbodgaten 22, Telephone +47 33 34 80 00 - Travel guide webpage.

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Downtown, Tønsberg, Norway.

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Downtown, Tønsberg, Norway.