Svartisen Glacier (The Black Ice) is a collective term for two glaciers located in Northern Norway: Western glacier (Engabreen) is 221 km2, and Eastern glacier (Austerdalsisen) is 148 km2. The highest mountain top is 1594 meters (5229 ft) above sea level, and the glacier got a thickness of up until 450 meters.

The glaciers lowest point over sea level is only 20 meters. The name Svartisen comes from an old word which signifies the deep blue color of the ice, and the contrast to the white snow on the ice shelf. The Glacier have been a tourist attraction for centuries, and thousands of tourists visit the galcier every year. Cruise ship from all around the world sail into the beautiful fjord below the galcier, so that tourists can experience the wonderful glacier in Meløy municipality.

Tourist Information:
Tourist Office, Telephone: +47 98 00 50 05, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Website.

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Svartisen (Norway)

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Images of Svartisen

svartisen engabreen glacier engabreen halsa holandsfjorden helgelandsbukken meløy kystriksveien
Svartisen Glacier, Norway.

svartisen holandsfjorden meloy fjord kilvik meløy halsa
Holandsfjorden, Norway.

svartisen engabreen glacier svartisvalmuen meløy blomster
Svartisvalmuen, Norway.