Sarpsborg is a part of the sixth-largest urban zone and metropolitan area in Norway. The city is is located a little north of Fredrikstad, and has about 45 462 residents. Sarpsborg was founded by King Olav Haraldsson in 1016.

Sarpsborg was burned to the ground by Swedish invaders in 1567 during the Northern Seven Years War. Half the population was evacuated down the river to what is today known as Fredrikstad. The town was rebuilt, but much of the town disappeared into the river Glomma during a mudslide in 1702. The town was rebuilt again, and it was recreated as a city in 1839. In Norse time the city was called Borg.

The climate in Sarpsborg is mild, with monthly temperature above freezing point. Average temperature in january is 2°C (38 °F), and in july the average temperature is 17°C (64 °F). Annually precipitation is 750 mm.

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Sarpsborg has about 10 Hotels / Bed & Breakfasts, you can find a list here.

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sarpsborg norway vacation holiday

Downtown, Sarpsborg, Norway.

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Downtown, Sarpsborg, Norway.