Sandnes is part of the third-largest urban zone and metropolitan area in Norway, and have about 59 000 residents. The city is situated south of Stavanger. There are several village areas in parts of the municipality including Hommersåk, Høle, Foss-Eikeland and Stokka.

Sandnes is known as Norway's bicycle city, mainly due to the fact that the bicycle manufacturer DBS was situated here for decades. There is significant activity related to oil exploration in the North Sea and also some IT related companies in town.

The climate in Sandnes is maritime mild and rather windy, with all monthly temperature averages above freezing point. Average temperature in january is 4°C (40 °F), and in july the average temperature is 15°C (60 °F).

Weather forecast Sandnes
Accommodation in Sandnes
Sandnes has about 30 Hotels / Bed & Breakfasts, you can find a list here.

Tourist Information:
Tourist Office, Vågsgata 22, Telephone +47 51 85 92 00 - Travel guide webpage.

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Images of Sandnes

sandnes norway vacation holiday stavanger

Downtown, Sandnes, Norway.

sandnes norway vacation stavanger

Downtown, Sandnes, Norway.