Mo i Rana is the third-largest city in Northern Norway with 26 100 residents. The city is situated at the head of Ranfjord, and it's on the southern side of Saltfjellet National Park. Mo i Rana is an excellent gateway to your Arctic vacation in Northern Norway.

In 1946 the Norwegian Parliament approved plans for the construction of an Iron mill in Norway. The Parliament selected Mo i Rana, and in 1955 the first steel was produced. During this period the village of Mo i Rana was changed to an industrial city.

Mo i Rana's climate is classified subarctic with cold winters, and short warm summers. July and August are the warmest months. Average temperature in january is -5°C (21 °F), and in july the average temperature is 14°C (57 °F).

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Mo i Rana has about 15 Hotels / Bed & Breakfasts, you can find a list here.

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Tourist Office, Ole Tobias Olsens st. 1, Telephone +47 75 01 80 00 - Travel guide webpage.

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Downtown, Mo i Rana, Norway.

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Downtown, Mo i Rana, Norway.